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DHS Bar Jack
Price: 179.00
DHS Competition Resin Tray DHS 2.5kg Training Collars DHS Bar Jack
DHS 10 kg black rubber Training Bumpers DHS 10 kg Training Bumper
DHS 10 kg Training Bumpers
Price/pair: 218.00

10 kg Training Bumpers

DHS 2.5kg Magnetic Competition Collars

10 kg Training Bumpers

DHS 15 kg black rubber Training Bumpers
DHS Squat Rack
Our Price: 219.00
DHS Chalk Stand
Price: 219.00
DHS Squat Rack
DHS Chalk Stand

DHS 15 kg black Training Bumpers

DHS 15 kg Training Bumpers
Price/pair: 278.00
DHS rubber training platform mat

DHS 1kg Increment Training Weight Set - Power Coated

15 kg Training Bumpers

DHS 20 kg Training Bumpers
Price/pair: 318.00

DHS 1kg Increment Rubberized Training Weight Set

20 kg Training Bumpers

DFE 10 kg SOFT BOUNCE Bumper
DHS 25 kg Training Bumpers
Price/pair: 338.00
DFE 15 kg SOFT BOUNCE Bumper

25 kg Training Bumpers

DHS 1kg Increment Rubberized Competition Weight Set
DFE Standard Squat Rack
Our Price: $499.00
Sale Price: 400.00
Savings: $99.00
DFE 20 kg SOFT BOUNCE Bumper DFE self standing portable squat rack.
DHS Competition Chalk Container
DHS 50 kg Training Bumpers
Price/pair: 478.00
10 kg Competition Bumper DFE 25 kg SOFT BOUNCE Bumper 50 kg Training Bumpers
DHS portable weight rack with wheels and chalk container
DHS portable weight rack
Our Price: 489.00
DHS portable weight rack
15 kg Competition Bumper 20 kg Competition Bumper

DHS 20kg Training Bar for Men

DHS 15kg Training Bar for Women 25 kg Competition Bumper