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WP Rubber Discs from Trial of Italy

You Will Be Very Pleased To Drop the Barbell

WP stands for 'With Platform'

No need for slight of hand advertising to mask insufficiencies in the new and unique WP line of rubber discs. Unique WP discs from Trial of Italy have a number of special qualities:

  • low noise
  • low vibration
  • Extraordinary durability: tested at over 80,000 drops
  • lower fatigue resulting from repetitive dropping of hard noisy discs, regardless of surface.

WP stands for 'With Platform'. No need to purchase an over -priced special noise/vibration platform; lined with rubber which will easily wear over time from repetitive dropping of noisy, hard discs. An over - priced, so - called sound and vibration platform is offered to mask the insufficiencies in rubber discs, so hard and noisy a potential customer has to find special sound and shock dampening surface to use them to hide problems dropping their discs create: excessive vibration, noise and bounce.

Consequently, the price of a set of bumpers more than doubles when the cost of the platform is added to that of the platform needed to hide the annoying noise and shock of repetitive use.

This slight of hand claim: "With the SVR we have engineered the nearly impossible..."; is just that, slight of hand. They haven't engineered the impossible because they are admitting their discs are too hard, too noisy and bouncy. Furthermore, the claim leaves out the additional downside the hardness and thickness of the discs affect the durability of the rubber inserts of the platform.

So, this "impossibility of engineering" is true: a failure of engineering to "tackle three issues" with their discs without doubling the cost.

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